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IATF certificates

IATF 16949 AMANN & Soehne PDF english 312 KB
IATF 16949 AMANN UK PDF english 203 KB
IATF 16949 AMANN China Sewing PDF english 324 KB
IATF 16949 AMANN China Twisting PDF english 324 KB
IATF 16949 AMANN Romania PDF english 316 KB

ISO certificates

ISO 14001 AMANN & Soehne PDF english 217 KB
ISO 9001 AMANN & Soehne PDF english 501 KB
ISO 14001 (AMANN China) PDF english 126 KB

Terms and conditions

General Conditions of Purchase PDF english 3 MB
Terms and Conditions of Sale, Delivery and Payment PDF english 80 KB

Terms and conditions of sale, delivery and payment

Bangladesh PDF english 130 KB

Data protection

Data protection PDF english 162 KB

Code of conduct

Code of conduct PDF english 3 MB
Supplier Code of Conduct PDF english 5 MB


Automotive Sewing Threads PDF english 3 MB
TechX Performance Threads PDF english 4 MB
Stitch types and sewing thread requirement PDF english 5 MB
Outdoor Applications (US-Version) PDF english 4 MB
AMANN product range (US version) PDF english 12 MB
Machine Embroidery PDF english 6 MB
PRO-care certification PDF english 414 KB


Machine Embroidery PDF english 6 MB

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certificates

Saba, Serafil, Isacord, Isa Texlight, Isa (93.0.4233) PDF english 2 MB
Rasant, RasantGD, Mercifil, MercifilGD (94.0.8268) PDF english 2 MB
Onyx, Strongfil+, Serabraid, Outdoor-Pro, TechX (96.0.8810) PDF english 837 KB
Recycled range, Lifecycle Polyamide (22.0.00204) PDF english 1 MB
Lifecycle Cotton (22.0.96999) PDF english 2 MB
Meta, WR products (17.0.28909) PDF english 579 KB

PRO-Label Certification

Saba, Sabaflex, N-tech, Sabatex, Serafil, N-tech CS, Isacord PDF english 90 KB

Colour Conversions

Sewing Exercise Sheets

AMANN Sewing Exercise Sheets PDF english 46 KB

Medical protective clothing


continuous filament, 100% recycled

core spun, infrared-absorbent (IR)

AMANN s.r.o. důležité dokumenty

AMANN Sustainability Report

AMANN Sustainability Report PDF english 6 MB

Further certificates

Trim Supplier Qualification Program Award (AMANN China) PDF english 228 KB

Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold certificates

Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold certificate (Lifecycle Polyamide) PDF english 169 KB
Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold certificate (Lifecycle Cotton) PDF english 675 KB

GRS certificates

GRS certificate (AMANN Bangladesh) PDF english 885 KB
GRS certificate (AMANN China Sewing Yancheng) PDF english 860 KB
GRS certificate (AMANN Vietnam) PDF english 842 KB
GRS certificate (AMANN Romania) PDF english 848 KB
GRS certificate (AMANN China Trading Shanghai) PDF english 842 KB
GRS certificate (AMANN Headquarters Germany) PDF english 843 KB
GRS certificate (AMANN China Twisting Yancheng) PDF english 850 KB

Logistics guideline

Logistics guideline PDF english 1 MB

Quality assurance guideline

Quality Assurance Guideline Automotive PDF english 1 MB

Supplier Self-Assessment

Supplier Self-Assessment PDF english 730 KB


Statement regarding US Government Sanctions on Xinjiang Province PDF english 5 MB

HIGG Index Completion certificates

HIGG FEM Completion Certificate ABD PDF english 238 KB
HIGG FEM Completion certificate ACNP PDF english 240 KB
HIGG FSLM Completion Certificate ACNP PDF english 2 MB

UL certificates

UL certificate N-tech CS PDF english 340 KB
UL certificate Serafil Recycled PDF english 149 KB
UL certificate Strongbond PDF english 145 KB

Colour cards