AMANN Process & Application Consulting Automotive (PAC)

AMANN speaks automotive

With a wide product range of sewing threads for the automotive industry, AMANN has made a name for itself as a supplier for several decades. However, our expertise is not limited to the development and production of special threads – we are also a conceptual partner for our customers, offering continuous technical support from project phase to subsequent series supply. Our team of experts bundles automotive expertise and accompanies the entire development process.

Our support becomes your advantage

Focused on the needs of automotive manufacturers and tiers, AMANN has not only the seam but also the entire component in sight. As automotive experts, our global PAC team knows how to handle all AMANN products, whether Seating and Interior or Passenger Safety applications best and is capable of providing excellent advice.

Whether simple sewing or embroidery advice, processing recommendations, defect analysis, product advice, training or workshops at site – AMANN’s global PAC has the tools to improve your product and support your production in the best possible way.

Right from the start, PAC can support the conceptual design of our customers’ projects. We work closely with our cooperation partners and deliver tailored solutions for the requirements at hand.

Service of your choice

Similar to the automotive industry, AMANN PAC operates worldwide to fulfill its customers needs and supports at each step along the value chain. With our locations in Germany and China we are always on your spot.

We offer:

  • Expert sewing consultation for automotive applications
  • Embroidery and punch advice
  • Implementation support for new products
  • Professional fault analysis
  • Sewing of samples and prototypes
  • Competition/benchmark analysis
  • High-quality product counseling
  • Trainings and workshops with our 360° textile experts at your plant

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