New brochure Outdoor Applications now available!

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Sun, wind and rain stress outdoor textiles extremely, which is often underestimated. The different climatic influences – such as UV rays, moisture, acid rain as well as ozone, nitrogen oxide or dirt – show that there is a need for products with technical characteristics that remain unchanged after many years of being exposed to these factors.

The new AMANN brochure Outdoor Applications, which is available now, is dedicated to this topic. Among other things, the brochure presents the products recommended by AMANN for outdoor applications and introduces the weathering test procedure according to ISO 4892-1 and ISO 4892-2.

The web versions of the brochure can be downloaded via following links:

AMANN Outdoor Applications English
AMANN Outdoor Applications English (US Version)
AMANN Outdoor Applications Chinese

AMANN Outdoor Applications German


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