AMANN supports innovative tinder fungus project

The former AMANN intern Catharina Lütkewitte, who’s currently studying the bachelor’s course “Textile and Clothing Technology” at Hochschule Niederrhein, has started a great group project regarding “Future Fashion”.

As part of their project, the group was researching for alternative, ecological raw materials. They selected tinder fungus, a rather unknown raw material, which however fulfills the aforementioned desired properties. Tinder fungus is a species of fungus and belongs to the family of polypores. It mostly infests deciduous trees. Tinder fungus feature special properties, such as a good thermal insulation, air permeability, high resiliency, low surface weight, low density as well as a good abrasion behaviour.  

The project team then created the label “muther” for the product line that comprises 5 products in total:  insoles for shoes, a heat-insulating drinking bottle, as well as a heat-insulating cap. The product line got topped off with 2 further articles that were created to enhance the marketing of the muther brand: one gym bag and a backpack.

The chances of the products and a possible market launch of the label were analysed in a 20-page marketing concept. Moreover, the project team established a first research approach regarding the production of threads and nonwovens in order to use tinder fungus more extensively and to make use of its wound-healing effect.

On January 9th 2019, the project teams presented their results at a special fashion show held at Hochschule Niederrhein.

AMANN has supported the project team of Ms. Lütkewitte and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the successful graduation of the entire project team.