AMANN CEO Bodo Bölzle re-elected President of the Südwesttextil Association

At the general meeting of the Südwesttextil-Verband on 29 June, AMANN CEO Bodo Th. Bölzle, was unanimously re-elected as president for another three years. The 59-year-old manager has been involved in the employers' association of the textile and clothing industry in Baden-Württemberg since 2014.

"I am delighted to be re-elected and to serve another term as president of Südwesttextil. The association stands by its members in these times of great challenges," said Bölzle, particularly with regard to the ongoing pandemic and the consequences of the war in Ukraine. In addition to the great consternation in the face of human suffering, the energy-intensive industry is concerned about the price spiral triggered by the war. The re-elected president affirmed: "Our appeal to politicians will therefore always be to provide crisis aid unbureaucratically and quickly and, above all, to guarantee security of supply in winter." With a view to the future and the climate crisis, the industry is already taking responsibility in the areas of environment, climate and sustainability and is working intensively on new developments. "We will continue to expand, accompany and advance the topic of sustainability both as an industry and as an association." To meet these challenges, the association is investing in its young talent with the construction of the new "Texoversum" on the campus of Reutlingen University. "We want to create a platform for everyone who is interested in textiles, works, teaches or researches in this field - at all age and qualification levels and also across industry boundaries," Bodo Th. Bölzle explains the vision.