A RACE WE CAN WIN: UN announces AMANN as one of the TOP 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders!

Sewing thread is everywhere. It is used across a majority of industries and can be found in all kinds of products. However, each year approximately 92 million tons of textile waste is generated around the globe, of which only a small percentage is effectively recycled – with the rest ending up burned or in landfills. 

We are aware of the need for greater sustainability in the industry and are pioneering ways to effect positive change across the industry. Hence we have entered into the United Nations Global Compact already in the beginning of 2019. 

The United Nations (UN) have nominated 50 leaders in sustainability and climate protection. We are very proud that AMANN got selected as a role model in the textile industry. 

The UN have produced a video to illustrate AMANN’s commitment to sustainability and climate protection.
Watch it on the AMANN YouTube channel: youtu.be/FI8J5o7XzRY

You can learn more about the TOP 50 UN Sustainability & Climate Leaders via https://www.50climateleaders.com/